Thursday, April 15, 2010

As part of my future comedic blog, I plan to include my perspective on Asperger Syndrome and Autism and my dealings with the poor sufferers of Neurotypical Syndrome (most others). I believe an Autsim analogy is the Super Nanny or Dog Whisperer, meaning it is not about changing the child or the dog, it is about changing the perspective of the parents/caretakers. As many Autistics are right brained, humor and emotion should not go underestimated. As I am Aspie and have an Asperger son, I feel entitled to an opinion. I cannot tell you how many times in discussions with folk, on the subject of their child being on the spectrum, that clarity, insight, self-awareness, enhanced empathy, intuition (some would say psychic ability), and intelligence come up, in very "disabled" autistic children and less "disabled." I think we need to evaluate who the experts are, and recognize many speak out their anuses (sp?). It drives me mad that someone not living with a neurological difference (gift) can have such staunch opinions about it. Asp/Autism is not psychological but is evidence of a different existence, ability, right here on this planet. Please have your family, friends, neighbors, lovers e-mail me their pictures and stories via my e-mail ( will not write nor publish anything w/o their approval. But I would share my propensity toward blow job jokes before sending them my way... or not...and just know that it is only through the understanding of our differences can we recognize what we have in common with one another. And, I think most people enjoy a good blow job....joke.

Occasionally God and Buddha bless me and I am able to help a family. One family has Ray. Ray is diagnosed with Autism. His mother, also Joann, would like you to know how caring and loving he is and need I say cute. Joann would also like you to know that Ray has made her a better person. When I first spoke to Joann, Ray was not communicating but he was putting things in her purse. I said, "So put things under the covers in his bed." From there, Joann learned that the more interesting she made her world the more likely Ray was to join her in it - and - they were communicating. Ray is now talking more, often expressing his wants. Joann wanted me to meet Ray, and as much as I hope I do one day, I pointed out how important it was for him to be attached to her, not an empathetic stranger.

ray has autism